The sea is the scenario that every shot of Clelia Michelini facets and reveals. Clelia is  fascinated by the water in all its forms, her symbiotic relationship with the marine  environment was established in early adolescence and determines her choices, articulating  her existence.

Completed Humanities studies in Turin, she becomes a scuba diving instructor, open and  operates for ten years a diving center on the island of Elba. Later she will be employed by  an agency of underwater video productions based in southern Egypt.

Her underwater  experience led her to live and work in Mexico, Tanzania, Balearic and Canary Islands, Maldives and Brazil. In Italy she has participated as underwater cameraman to the production of nature documentaries popular at the Eco Film Festival. Her wildlife shots are published by the publishing house Olimpia.

Clelia recently developed a more abstract vision of photography, water and figures without gravity that blend with the sky.
Splashes of color, primitive nature. Her underwater work more abstract intrigues the world of fashion, that commissions her various services.

Clelia contributes to underwater film and documentaries productions, is represented by Gettyimages and cooperates with La Rivista della Natura magazine.